Brooklyn Smorgasburg



So about a week ago (insert $hmoney dance), I went to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, which is a weekend food festival that has a sea of food vendors. I heard about it through my friend and fellow blogger Jelani‘s blog. I decided, being the “chef” that I am, this would be a fun event to go to. So, I dragged some fam along with me and we headed to the BK.

When I first got there, I thought it would be a little bit bigger than it was. The online photos made it seem MASSIVE, but in person, it was just big. Nonetheless, we took a full lap around first just so we could see all of our options. There was pretty much every type of food there that you could have asked for plus dessert! I instinctively my vision zoomed in on the fried chicken stand, but being in an environment like this called for going out of my comfort zone.

It was difficult making my decision on what I would try first, but in the end, I went with the pork and cabbage taco from Gao Taco. They paired the slow roasted pork belly with pickled cabbage and chipotle mayo. I took a bite…….it wasn’t my thing. I took another bite…….it was decent. I took a third bite……then gave it to my mom. We have different palettes. The taco wasn’t horrible but I am personally not a fan of how they kept the fat on the pork. I felt like that was all I tasted as I chewed.



While my mom enjoyed the rest of my taco, I went on a mission to find something else. I was kind of discouraged that stepping out of my comfort zone didn’t end well. So, I went with what I knew. I found a stand that sold wings (one my favorite foods). I said to my self “Self, you are being mediocre trying foods you can get anywhere”. Little did I know how great and amazing those wings tasted! They were easily the best wings I ever had from a place called Dan and John’s Wings. They were simply…



My last entreè I tried was not really planned. I knew I was still a little hungry but I didn’t know what for. My fam and I happen to be walking by a stand that was putting up signs saying “1/2 off all food”. That was a sign from God for only he knows how much ya girl loves a sale. I forget the name of the place but they sold Asian food. I asked for the shrimp not realizing it came with the lo mein. All in all, again it was fantastic. I ate the entire bowl, without being able to take a photo because it was that good.

Overall, Smorgasburg was a success I would say. If you plan on going, I would offer these tips:

1. Bring a decent amount of money and make sure it’s cash. When we walked in, there was a long line for the ATM machine and a good amount of the vendors don’t take cards.

2. Don’t count on all of the vendors that you see online to be there. It probably depends on the day you go honestly. Some vendors do both Saturday and Sunday while others only do one day. I went on a Sunday so there are some vendors I didn’t get to see because they only come on Saturdays.

3. Try new things. Although, I didn’t like Goa Taco, I would recommend it to someone else looking to try something out of the box. Plus, they had great customer service.

4. Bring fold out chairs or a blanket to sit on in the grass. My mom thought about this last minute and grabbed a blanket before we left the house. Most likely, it will be hard to find an empty table so people will sit in the grass or on the curb.


Oh yeah…I also tried a coconut!


We ended our day with a walk on The High Line.



My Own Masterpiece!

Guess What!

The other day, I made a dish without a recipe!! I don’t know what happened but the cooking Gawds above must have used me as a vessel to create a dish that was so spectacular that I couldn’t even take a photo of it because I ate it all. I mean I was just moving around the kitchen like I had made the recipe a million times before.

This is how I made a very fancy chicken sandwich. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but just wait until the end.

  • I started by seasoning a piece of boneless chicken breast with Garlic and Pepper seasoning, Sweet Piquanté Pepper and Cilantro seasoning, and some seasoning with Sazon. Then, I put it in a pan that was drizzled with olive oil and let it cook until it was done.
  • After that, I sliced some red peppers and sautéed them in a pan along with some basil leaves from my mom’s garden. I chose basil because it smelled good :]
  • While sautéing my peppers, I prepared my buns for the oven by putting white and yellow cheddar cheese on them. I left them in the oven until they were warm and SLIGHTLY crispy. Keyword: slightly. I made sure the buns weren’t black like charcoal.
  • Once everything was done cooking, it was time to build the sandwich. I put the chicken on the bun in shreds and then added the peppers. Then, out of nowhere, I came up with the idea to add crumpled tortilla chips on top. I crushed them with my hands right over the sandwich.
  • I squeezed about a quarter of a lime on the top bun and then pasted it with a little mayo and dijon mustard.


I sat down to eat my burger was like…

woah gif

…This. Is. Good.



I gave my compliments to the chef and inhaled both sandwiches without regrets. I also didn’t create a name for my masterpiece yet so I’m open to suggestions!

Honey Garlic Shrimp


So this is the first recipe I made on my own. Like I said, my cooking abilities go as far as being able to make a great bowl of cereal.

I found this recipe on Pinterest. I love love love Pinterest (Follow Me!)! I could easily pin for hours with no regrets. Anyway, I was in the mood for some shrimp and decided to go for it. With God on my side, the shrimp turned out really really delicious! This honey garlic shrimp recipe was easy to follow and didn’t take a lot of time to make. I paired it with white rice and string beans. The white rice was the Uncle Ben’s that cooks in the microwave for 60 seconds and the string beans were from the can. Nothing special there. I was too excited when I put this meal together. I called most of my family and told them that I was officially a chef. Hahaha

Normally, I will post photos but this time I didn’t take any so I am just going to show you the Pinterest photo. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.28.30 PM

If you want to try this meal, here is the link! I highly recommend :]