Breakfast at Barney’s

Hey Everyone,

Brunch is a way of life.

There are three components to choosing the perfect brunch spot: amazing food, light skinned mimosas, and the perfect vibe. Located in downtown Atlanta, Breakfast at Barney’s provides all three. This family run brunch eatery and daytime social club has a delectable menu filled with savory comfort food, which you can enjoy with a stylish, modern eclectic background. Definitely would recommend dressing trendy and casual for a bomb Instagram photo.

I got a chance to taste test a few dishes as well as some fresh squeezed juice and was over satisfied with everything I had. The menu is provides options to satisfy any breakfast craving you may have and the warm staff provide a comforting experience.

This was the best shrimp and grits I’ve ever had in my life! From the seasoning to the savory ingredients, it was well put together.
The lobster mac & cheese was amazing and used a delicious blend of cheeses.
This was mahi over perfectly cooked vegetable rice
A popular and classic brunch menu item: Chicken and Waffles

Breakfast at Barney’s | 349 Decatur St SE Atlanta, GA 30312

Open daily 7:00am-4pm

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