What’s Your Love Language?

Hey everyone,

I want to have a conversation about love languages! For those of you that are already inept on the topic and know what your love languages are, kudos! For those of you that are reading this and have no clue what I’m talking about, keep reading.

Love languages are broken down into five categories and describe the most effective way you receive and give love. This is very helpful when it comes to not only family relationships and friendships, but also great to share with your romantic partner as well. It’s helpful to know what makes your partner feel loved and vice versa. This is not the panacea for all the issues your relationship will face, but it is a helpful characteristic to know about your significant other.


The five love languages are as follows:

Quality Time | The thing that makes you feel the most loved and appreciated is undivided time spent together. This means no phones, distractions, or multitasking because those habits can be seen as repugnant.


Words Of Affirmation | Kind words, compliments, and positive language allows you to thrive. You enjoy positive feedback and terms of endearment, so things like “You look great today” or “I really appreciate you” are phrases that when said unsolicited, will make any day better.


Receiving Gifts | This specific love language has a bad connotation with the idea that people who identify with this like materialistic things, which isn’t true. This just means that people with this love language adore thoughtfulness. The thought behind gifts require


Acts Of Service |Completing or helping out with tasks makes you feel valued. You like when your partner does things for you like fill up the gas tank or do the dishes. Lazy partners or those that forget to do what they are supposed to do don’t sit well with your spirit.


Physical Touch | The title says it all. Cuddling, hugs, and any other forms of physical affection mean the world to you. You are a hugger and like to be physically comforted. Those that don’t identify with this love language might think you are too touchy feely.


Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 9.59.42 PM.png


You and your partner do not need to have the same love language in order to be compatible. You just have to understand it and be willing to make some adjustments here and there and step out of your comfort zone. In addition to that, your love language and the order that they are in doesn’t define you. For example, physical touch is at the bottom for me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like hugs and cuddling.

What’s your love language? Take the quiz here to find out!

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