Top Dating Apps: Honest Review

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I feel like I’m slowly becoming well versed in dating apps as I’ve had a few profiles here and there. Ideally, I’d like to meet the love of my life at the grocery store as we bump hands reaching for the same apple in the produce aisle He tells me he makes a mean apple pie, I tell him it’s my favorite dessert, and the rest is history. Unfortunately, that’s not the most realistic scenario. According to an article on, most couples meet through online dating and it has replaced more traditional avenues of meeting your match. So if that’s where all of the eligible bachelors are then, here I come.

There are so many dating sites out there, so deciding which one is best can be a hard decision. They aren’t all the same and they each carry a different vibe.

DISCLAIMER: I am writing from my own experience and from my opinion. Use this as a guide and not an answer key. 





Tinder is one of the more basic dating apps out there and is great if you’re looking for something casual and very low commitment. Choosing whether to swipe left or right is based only photos and a short bio, which is the main reason people use it for hooking up. Once you both swipe right, you can private message each other and go from there.

Although some have actually found true love on this app (marriage and all), the statistics aren’t convincing enough for me to recommend to anyone looking for something more. However, if you’re looking to just meet new people, get over an ex, or are new to dating apps and want a taste of what it’s like, this could be a great start.





I would recommend OKCupid to anyone. It’s one of the better apps out there in my opinion. They have a great pool of people who range from wanting nothing serious to those looking to find the love of their lives. They ask a series of questions to determine how compatible you are with other people, which is shown as a percentage. I’m sure there is no science behind these questions, but more so what you have in common. Alas, it is more information to go off of when choosing to match with someone.

You can swipe left or right based on the compatibility percentage, photos, and a short bio. Once you’re matched, you can start messaging one another. In my experience, I’ve found more people I’m interested in on this app, better conversations, and have had several dates transpire (one of them being a married man, but we’ll save that for another blog post).


Plenty Of Fish


I’d heard of Plenty Of Fish, so I decided to try it out. Once, I told my peers that I was on the app, they all had a similar reaction “Why?” or *confused face* and I quickly saw why.

The main thing I didn’t like about the app was that anyone can speak to you. Although you can match with people, you can still receive messages from users you are not matched with. If you delete the message or don’t answer, they can still continue to message you. Your next immediate option is to block them.

Although the app is super saturated with users, I also noticed that they all seemed to have similar qualities. There wasn’t much variation between profiles. The positive thing is that you will definitely have access to numerous conversations, however, POF isn’t the first app I’d recommend to anyone.




Hinge is an app geared towards people that are looking to date more seriously or be in a relationship. They stick to their brand as the dating app “designed to be deleted”.  The list of questions that they ask you to answer gives users a bit more substance and showcases personality better than other apps. I like that you don’t have to write a bio too. I’m so over writing and reading self-written bios. The other cool feature is that they will regularly show you a profile of someone that is your “Most Compatible”, which is based on your likes and activity on the app.

I like the variety of candidates on Hinge and the fact that you can connect based on answers to questions and not just solely photos. I’ve had pretty great conversations on this app and would recommend it for an experienced dater who is looking for serious dating or a relationship.





I’m happy that there is a dating app solely for the black community. BLK, in my opinion, is similar to Tinder. Instead, it’s just black people (and an occasional outsider looking to find someone Black). They ask you a few questions about yourself and your preferences as well as writing he dreaded short bio. It’s a simple app where swiping left or right is based mostly on photos.

Even though nothing transpired for me, I didn’t hate BLK. It was simple and straightforward. There were a variety of black men and I had some fun conversations, but I just never met anyone I was into. I do think they exist on the app and would recommend BLK to someone looking to casually date.


All in all, I recommend at least trying a dating app once. It’s the new wave and they open you up to a new pool of people who may have never crossed paths with. I’ll be sure to update you when I’m no longer on the market and which app I met him on or if my dream came true in the produce aisle.

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