Keeping It Real in Corporate America (Part 2)

Welcome back (and for the first time)! Below, you find the continuation of an article I collaborated on with Hanifah Jones of According To Hanifah. We make six points about how to be your best self and embrace office culture. You can find Keeping It Real In Corporate America (Part 1) on her page now!

Happy reading!


Office space

HJ: The average person spends about eight hours a day at work, so you want to make your workplace as enjoyable as possible. If you work at a desk you can find cute and inexpensive office supplies at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Adding a small plant or a succulent can bring a breath of fresh air to your space (Snake Plants and Aloe are proven to purify the air and increase oxygen levels).

TB: Decorating your office space is a way to show off your personality. Design it so that it works best with who you are. Minimalists might value just a small plant, picture frame, and cup of pens while others like to showcase collectables or have coordinating decor. Whichever direction you lean, make sure it’s comfortable for you because you’re going to spend a great deal of time there, so you might as well enjoy the space you’re in (Also, Pinterest always has the best inspiration).





Office Habits:

        HJ: It’s important to remain professional at work, but should also be yourself. Don’t be afraid to branch out and get to know your co-workers. Some offices have annual events like company awards or monthly birthday celebrations. Those are great ways to get to know your co-workers without getting too personal. Once you do establish relationships you might even want to go out to happy hour (I LOVE Happy Hour). Avoid office gossip, trust me it’s a trap and doesn’t benefit anyone. 

TB: I’m going to reiterate the importance of getting to know and being cordial to all of your co-workers. You don’t want to burn bridges and ruin a connection that could have helped you in the future. We all have a co-worker that we can’t stand, but you don’t need to make it obvious that they aren’t your favorite. Bring warmth to the office and be a likable person.




HJ: The typical work shift lasts around eight hours, so you want to make sure you have a good base. The right primer will keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. The office might not be the best place to try out a new glittery cut crease, but there are plenty of work-friendly makeup looks. I highly recommend going soft glam” or natural with a bold lip. But if I’m being 100% honest, most of the time I just fill in my brows, swipe on tinted lip balm and head out. If you find yourself short on time like me, a good tinted moisturizer can cut your usual foundation routine in half. 


TB: My makeup game is fairly minimal throughout the week. Once the warm weather starts to make its way, I step it up a notch while still maintaining a minimal look so that when I leave the office for happy hour, I can change up my shoes, take off my jacket, and still look presentable. I might even throw on some lipstick to add a little pizzazz.

However, my advice is not to cut your makeup routine, but simply modify it. You don’t want to be overly done in a casual environment–not a good look.



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