Here’s What You Missed At B The Buzz PR’s Fall Mix and Buzz Networking Mixer

This past Sunday, entrepreneurs, writers, and creatives alike came together for an afternoon of networking and socializing at the Mix and Buzz Networking Mixer put on by B The Buzz PR. Based in Atlanta, B The Buzz PR is owned and operated by Sarah Busby, a marketing guru, personal coach, and motivational speaker. Forming the vision in 2015, Sarah has grown the business into the success it is today.

Photo by @zhanephotography


The afternoon started off with time to mix and mingle among the crowd. Attendees made their way around the room handing out business cards, stopping by vendor tables and indulging in tasty appetizers. Soon after, entrepreneurs had an opportunity to be in the spotlight for the “Mic Drop”. They were given a total of 60-seconds to brief the crowd on the who, what, when, where, and why of their business.

Photo by @zhanephotography
Photo by @zhanephotography


Photo by @zhanephotography
Photo by @zhanephotography
Photo by @zhanephotography

Later in the mixer, a panel discussion was held featuring entrepreneur, Bryan Edwards, KaShauna Samone of Radio One ATL, owner of B The Buzz PR, Sarah Bubsy, actor and celebrity blogger Tehran Johnson, and radio host and executive editor of Kontrol Magazine, Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning. These six special guests who all have sound knowledge and experience in their respective field dropped gems of inspiration that resonated with everyone in the room. They touched on their personal experiences as well as topics of being rejected, having passion for what they do, maintaining a network, and the importance of having faith. This then lead into an open floor Q&A, allowing attendees to ask specific questions to panelists.


Photo by @zhanephotography
Photo by @zhanephotography

The mixer ended with closing remarks from Sarah, lots of accolades given to her staff who help put the event together, and an abundance of gratitude towards the room full of creatives for attending. She spoke the truth as she stated, “If you left with nothing today, that’s on you.” It was impossible to make your way around the room and not be approached by other individuals looking to start a conversation. Even the most introverted personality could have left with a whole new network and that is the goal to a successful event.


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