Turn Your Bedroom Into A Photography Studio

Instagram and Pinterest are two of my favorite apps because they are all about visual content. Sometimes you can get lucky and snap a stunning selfie, however, most photos we see are professionally taken and edited.

So what goes into a great picture? Lighting, angles, background, equipment, etc.

After doing some research, I took these concepts and optimized the space in my room so that each of these elements would work for me in the space that I have.



Lighting is one of, if not, THE most important factor that comes into play when taking a photo. Any editing app can lighten a dark picture but only by so much. Taking a photo in great lighting will lessen the amount of editing you have to do and look more natural.

Speaking of natural, that is the best kind of lighting. Artificial lighting can be handy when you need it at night, in a dimly lit room, or for close ups, but natural lighting will give you the best glow.

I have three windows in my room. I use white curtains to filter the sunlight that enters. It softens the natural light so that it isn’t harsh, especially on a very sunny day.

9C9C0285-4158-4640-B1C5-E0629CD6EEE6.JPG  BC0A52BC-4233-4844-B336-525FDA41DCFB.JPG


Background & Angles

A simple background is always the best, especially when you are the focus. I opted to paint my walls a light grey. This was so that I, along with everything I’m wearing, can be easily seen. It’s also a good alternative to plain white walls.

Tapestries are perfect for when you want a creative and colorful backdrop. Make sure the tapestry fits with the photo and doesn’t distract from you or the outfit.

It also depends on your personal aesthetic. Do you like more of a simple, clean, and minimalistic vibe or do you like prints, patterns, and colors?

Since capturing different angles is important, you want to make sure that if you move your camera around your background will still be acceptable for the photo. Changing angles also means changing light. When you move the camera, the lighting changes, therefore, you have to move with the camera as well. That’s why it’s important to keep your whole room clean or tidy enough.




There are tools out there to help you take great photos without help. I recently bought a tripod on Amazon that cost $30. It holds phones as well as cameras and it came with a ring light that has three different settings. I also bought a remote shutter that takes the picture so you don’t have to touch the phone/camera or set a timer. It works really well and it so helpful when I want to do something simple and quick by myself.


3DAC012A-D61A-42CE-A2CF-EB23EC198B4A.JPG  DBAC1F47-4F14-48AC-B7BC-7928463C7437.JPG



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