Conquering the Rush Hour Commute

The rush hour commute is sometimes the biggest beast of the day that you’ll tackle. And if you take public transportation, you understand what an experience commuting can really be.

I’ve faced the challenge of commuting from New Jersey to New York for work on a few occasions and depending on where you’re coming from, it can be a long commute. From door to door, it took me a little over 1.5 hours. Although it sounds long, the length of time never mattered to me. It was about having the opportunity to work in the hustling city like New York doing something you love (or at least a job that leads to doing what you love). Sitting on that NJ Transit train everyday, twice a day, sucked…a lot, but everyone else on the train hates it too, so your not alone.

Here are three ways to survive your rush hour commute no matter what city you’re heading to.


Protect Your Immune System

This is quality advice right here. Because you encounter a lot of people when traveling, you need to protect your immune system during all seasons. People don’t mind going to work when they are sick and some don’t have a choice, but that doesn’t mean you have to catch what they have. Take your vitamins and invest in a hand sanitizer that stays in your work bag. Emergency-C is great too because it gives your immune system a little boost. Also, wash your hands as soon as you get to work.



Create Your Own Peace

The ride to and from work is typically when you want the most peace, but in reality, it can be loud & chaotic. I suggest investing in a great pair of headphones so that you can cancel the background noise and zone out. Maybe it’s an inspirational podcast, a boss mode playlist, or the peaceful sounds of the rainforest. Do whatever you have to do in order to create your peace during the commute.



Have A Backup Plan

Public transportation is an amazing thing, however, it has its flaws and you should always be prepared for a delay or cancellation. It can happen due to weather, technical issues, or just because it’s Monday.

A backup plan can include taking a different route or choosing a different method, like taking the train over the bus. I always saved a little money in case I decided to say “Screw it!” and take an Uber.



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