Wow, Everyone is Getting Married and Pregnant.

Lately, I’ve noticed a recurring theme among my peers as I scroll through my social media pages. Statuses that once celebrated being single and going out on the weekends are now celebrating engagements and pregnancies.


Although the idea of getting married or having a baby seems daunting to some of us, it isn’t farfetched. As twenty-something year old millennials, we are at an age where major life changes like these are not seen as taboo anymore. This is actually around the time when the previous generation, our parents, were starting their families.

We are walking different avenues in life and that’s a good thing. Building a family at this age is important and a major accomplishment for some. That doesn’t make your accomplishments any better or worse than theirs.

To those who are currently on another life track, don’t look back.  

It’s easy to feel like you’ve done something wrong when you see your peers building their family foundation, however, the truth is that you’ve decided to be selfish. The good kind of selfish. You are making your wants and needs a priority.

Maybe you want to work on some goals, continue your education, save some money, or check a few things off of your bucket list before you make a lifetime commitment. Do that. Take advantage of opportunities presented to you and be spontaneous. Book that last minute trip!

Surround yourself with a group of people that have similar goals to you. They will show major support and applaud your accomplishments.

Do a little self-exploration. It’s a great time to make mistakes but also make improvements. Better yourself and set a foundation for the future you.







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