Visiting College as an Alum



After almost a year of indulging in the post-graduate life, my friends and I planned a weekend trip to visit our alma mater, Susquehanna University, home of the River Hawks (previously the Crusaders but that’s a sensitive subject). So for the first time since graduation, my suite mates and I were back on campus again just like old times.




When we arrived at SU, I felt like I was having some kind of out of body experience. It was like I belonged there but then again I didn’t belong there. Driving through campus brought back so many memories though and I was more than happy to be back.

We conveniently planned our trip during one of the last weekends before school ends and got to see Airband (the show full of dance performances put on by the greek organizations) and enjoy the carnival for spring weekend. Can we just talk about these shirts?


During the night we got into some good old college shananigans and reconnected with old friends at a party. Numerous snapchats and low quality iPhone photos were taken and even more memories were made.




                    unnamed-4.jpg                    unnamed-11.jpg                                    unnamed-12.jpg



Before we left, we stopped at the bookstore to pick up some River Hawks merchandise with our alumni discount. Perks.

When I graduated a year ago I didn’t know if I would ever be back to visit SU, however, I’m glad I did. The real world isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. So, to the graduating seniors who swear they will never return:

  1. You’ve spent four years here and after finals week, spending another day on campus seems like torture. But as time goes on after graduation, you realize how great the college lifestyle was. For example, you’ll miss living in such close proximity to your friends and being able to have dinner with them almost everyday or just being on your own leisurely schedule.
  2. It will really hit you when you see everyone participating in the same events that you used to participate in while your were in college. (Concerts, parties, campus traditions, etc)
  3. Even though you probably had complaints and there was always something that could have been better, you stayed. That place was your home. Sometimes I hate to admit that a small town in rural central Pennsylvania where most residents probably voted for Donald Trump was where I lived for four years, but it happened. And honestly, the memories made outweigh everything else.


The fashion behind it:

Going out in college is more casual than going out to the bars and lounges at home. So, I left my heels at home and opted for a casual look that I didn’t mind getting dirty (just in case someone drunk spilled beer on me ya know?)


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