September Must-Haves

W e l c o m e    S e p t e m b e r ! 

*  ~   *  ~  *  ~   *   ~  *

There are some great things that happen in September but I think the fan favorite is Fall, which happens on the 22nd of this month. Here are your September Must-Haves that will get you through this month:

1. Stylish Sneakers

The days of wearing sandals and exposing your toes are coming to an end. Since the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are slowly dropping, a cute pair of sneakers are the way to go for early fall. My favorite pair of sneakers are the Adidas Superstars. They are simple, black and white, and can go with basically anything. I like the idea of wearing them with a simple dress or skirt since we still have those warmer days lingering. And if you’re out late into the evening, it’s usually your fingers/toes that get cold first, so you’re covered.


2. Book bag

Now, I’m not talking about that big bulky book bag you carried in middle school and high school. I’m talking about the cute fashionable book bag that wasn’t meant to hold your huge chemistry text book. I like to carry these sometimes as an alternative to my over the shoulder purse because, believe it or not, it gives my shoulder a break. the weight is evenly distributed between both shoulders. It also gives a little bit of a sporty look.


3. Leggings

It’s legging season! It’s that time of the year where you can get away with wearing leggings at least 2 or 3 days out of the year (even 4 if you’re feeling extra lazy). Besides diamonds, leggings are a girl’s best friend because you can dress them up with a long flowing top or dress them down with your old college t-shirt.


4. Bronzer

So I put bronzer on the list this month too. One thing we will all truly miss is having that nice summer glow! Even if you didn’t go anywhere this summer, adding a little bronzer to your daily makeup routine this month will have people thinking you were practically living at the beach. But don’t over do it. You don’t want to look scary.


5.  Tinted Lip balm

It is in the fall when we start to embrace lip colors like purple, brown, and nude. Since the air is getting colder, we are prone to drier skin and that includes our lips. That’s when the tinted lip balm comes in handy because you get the best of both worlds. Your lips are moisturized and you are left with a cute tint of color on your lips.


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