Summertime Vibes


Shirt | Five Below ($5!)

Jeans | Lord & Taylor

Shoes | Adidas Originals

Sunglasses | They were given to me 

Happy Summer!!! (The last time I blogged, it wasn’t yet summer)

My favorite makeup product to use in the summer is highlight. If you’re wearing highlight and the sun hits you, you will glow (literally). It just makes me feel … sparkly.

Anyhoo, my favorite summer highlight that I have been using for a while now is the NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator. I believe they have four different colors and I decided to go with the third darkest one. It highlights my cheeks very nicely and stays on for a long time. I don’t need a lot of it in order to see the difference so it will last me a while. In the photos below, I used that along with a simple drugstore lipgloss that I got for a simple low maintenance makeup day! (Sometimes when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time for makeup, which is rare, I’ll dab a little bit on my cheek bone with my fingers)


As far as the outfit goes, I happen to see this shirt in Five Below one day and bought it because 1. I love the color and 2. My summer body will be in progress all summer because I have no will power when it comes to ice cream !

The jeans are by Tinsel, which I found in Macy’s. They are actually a decent brand of jeans. Besides the rips becoming bigger over time, the way the jeans fit is really comfortable.


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