My Own Masterpiece!

Guess What!

The other day, I made a dish without a recipe!! I don’t know what happened but the cooking Gawds above must have used me as a vessel to create a dish that was so spectacular that I couldn’t even take a photo of it because I ate it all. I mean I was just moving around the kitchen like I had made the recipe a million times before.

This is how I made a very fancy chicken sandwich. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but just wait until the end.

  • I started by seasoning a piece of boneless chicken breast with Garlic and Pepper seasoning, Sweet Piquanté Pepper and Cilantro seasoning, and some seasoning with Sazon. Then, I put it in a pan that was drizzled with olive oil and let it cook until it was done.
  • After that, I sliced some red peppers and sautéed them in a pan along with some basil leaves from my mom’s garden. I chose basil because it smelled good :]
  • While sautéing my peppers, I prepared my buns for the oven by putting white and yellow cheddar cheese on them. I left them in the oven until they were warm and SLIGHTLY crispy. Keyword: slightly. I made sure the buns weren’t black like charcoal.
  • Once everything was done cooking, it was time to build the sandwich. I put the chicken on the bun in shreds and then added the peppers. Then, out of nowhere, I came up with the idea to add crumpled tortilla chips on top. I crushed them with my hands right over the sandwich.
  • I squeezed about a quarter of a lime on the top bun and then pasted it with a little mayo and dijon mustard.


I sat down to eat my burger was like…

woah gif

…This. Is. Good.



I gave my compliments to the chef and inhaled both sandwiches without regrets. I also didn’t create a name for my masterpiece yet so I’m open to suggestions!

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