The Tropics In My Backyard


Pants: Multicolor Print | TJ Maxx

Top: Grey | Macy’s

Shoes: Silver and Black Wedges | TJ Maxx

Hair: Applied water and coconut oil

Hi people!

I went to church this past Sunday and the weather, as some of you in the tri-state area may know, was very breezy yet sunny and warm at the same time. So finding something to wear was a little tricky because the winds were fierce! It’s like when the wind was blowing, it was chilly but when it was calm, it was warm. Luckily, I had some wide leg pants that I hadn’t worn in a while. As you can see from the photo they are very tropical looking, so I guess you could say I was going for vacation-chic! I love these pants that I got from TJ-Maxx because the material is so light and airy so they were perfect for Sunday’s weather. These pants are also high waisted with a belt that matches the print of the pants. Therefore, if I wanted to wear them with a crop top for a more risqué look I could do that too.

I made the obvious decision that risqué + crop top didn’t really equal church attire so I went for this sleeveless grey tank that I found at Macy’s. It’s a simple top. The pants were the focal point of the outfit so there was no need for anything other than a simple top to match. My shoes were also from TJ Maxx (I’m pretty sure).

Most importantly, shoutout to my mom for taking these pics! I had very little faith that she could pull off some good shots but you what the bible says…”ye of little faith…”






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