Graduation Party Attire


Dress: White | TJ Maxx

Shoes: White w/Studs | Payless

Hair: Overnight Braid Out 

Hey Hey! This is my first fashion blog post so here we go…

Last weekend I did a little celebrating with the family in lieu of me graduating college this past May. It was held outdoors at my cousin’s house and the temperatures reached up to the low 90s. It was HOT! Knowing this I decided to wear something simple and easy to move in. I found this a-line dress the day before and I love it first and foremost because it’s white. I love wearing all white. It’s just so clean and simple but eye-catching at the same time. I didn’t get to wear white for graduation so I was kind of making up for it now. Plus, Black people have a knack for looking amazing in all white. I also love that with white, you have so many options for makeup. Simple and natural or smokey and fierce. I decided to go simple.

Since this was a cookout I took a huge chance with wearing white (and yes I did spill a tad bit of BBQ sauce on it but it wasn’t noticeable #ThankGod). I paired my white dress with simple white sandals and gave my hair a little body by braiding it the night before and then taking it out the morning of, however, the weather made some of my waves fall :[ As for jewelry, I wore my pearls that I wear everyday. Pearls are my favorite because they are simple and go with everything. You’ll also begin to notice that I wear minimal jewelry, if any at all.

Check out my photos!




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