Week 17

I am on week 17 sans relaxer and I feel like these kinks and coils are working against me! I ask myself, I say “Self, why are we doing this?”. Of course, I don’t respond because then I would be labeled as crazy.

I remind myself that I want my hair in a healthy state like when I was younger. Ridding myself of the relaxer would be helpful since I didn’t have one when I was young. I also want to experience my natural hair pattern. I don’t really know what it looks like and I’m curious. Lastly, the natural hair movement is taking over and I really admire some of the Naturalistas out there that are making natural hair a beloved thing not just in the Black community, but all over.

I look at photos on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. And so, my journey continues…


Summertime Vibes


Shirt | Five Below ($5!)

Jeans | Lord & Taylor

Shoes | Adidas Originals

Sunglasses | They were given to me 

Happy Summer!!! (The last time I blogged, it wasn’t yet summer)

My favorite makeup product to use in the summer is highlight. If you’re wearing highlight and the sun hits you, you will glow (literally). It just makes me feel … sparkly.

Anyhoo, my favorite summer highlight that I have been using for a while now is the NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator. I believe they have four different colors and I decided to go with the third darkest one. It highlights my cheeks very nicely and stays on for a long time. I don’t need a lot of it in order to see the difference so it will last me a while. In the photos below, I used that along with a simple drugstore lipgloss that I got for a simple low maintenance makeup day! (Sometimes when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time for makeup, which is rare, I’ll dab a little bit on my cheek bone with my fingers)


As far as the outfit goes, I happen to see this shirt in Five Below one day and bought it because 1. I love the color and 2. My summer body will be in progress all summer because I have no will power when it comes to ice cream !

The jeans are by Tinsel, which I found in Macy’s. They are actually a decent brand of jeans. Besides the rips becoming bigger over time, the way the jeans fit is really comfortable.


My Own Masterpiece!

Guess What!

The other day, I made a dish without a recipe!! I don’t know what happened but the cooking Gawds above must have used me as a vessel to create a dish that was so spectacular that I couldn’t even take a photo of it because I ate it all. I mean I was just moving around the kitchen like I had made the recipe a million times before.

This is how I made a very fancy chicken sandwich. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but just wait until the end.

  • I started by seasoning a piece of boneless chicken breast with Garlic and Pepper seasoning, Sweet Piquanté Pepper and Cilantro seasoning, and some seasoning with Sazon. Then, I put it in a pan that was drizzled with olive oil and let it cook until it was done.
  • After that, I sliced some red peppers and sautéed them in a pan along with some basil leaves from my mom’s garden. I chose basil because it smelled good :]
  • While sautéing my peppers, I prepared my buns for the oven by putting white and yellow cheddar cheese on them. I left them in the oven until they were warm and SLIGHTLY crispy. Keyword: slightly. I made sure the buns weren’t black like charcoal.
  • Once everything was done cooking, it was time to build the sandwich. I put the chicken on the bun in shreds and then added the peppers. Then, out of nowhere, I came up with the idea to add crumpled tortilla chips on top. I crushed them with my hands right over the sandwich.
  • I squeezed about a quarter of a lime on the top bun and then pasted it with a little mayo and dijon mustard.


I sat down to eat my burger was like…

woah gif

…This. Is. Good.



I gave my compliments to the chef and inhaled both sandwiches without regrets. I also didn’t create a name for my masterpiece yet so I’m open to suggestions!

The Tropics In My Backyard


Pants: Multicolor Print | TJ Maxx

Top: Grey | Macy’s

Shoes: Silver and Black Wedges | TJ Maxx

Hair: Applied water and coconut oil

Hi people!

I went to church this past Sunday and the weather, as some of you in the tri-state area may know, was very breezy yet sunny and warm at the same time. So finding something to wear was a little tricky because the winds were fierce! It’s like when the wind was blowing, it was chilly but when it was calm, it was warm. Luckily, I had some wide leg pants that I hadn’t worn in a while. As you can see from the photo they are very tropical looking, so I guess you could say I was going for vacation-chic! I love these pants that I got from TJ-Maxx because the material is so light and airy so they were perfect for Sunday’s weather. These pants are also high waisted with a belt that matches the print of the pants. Therefore, if I wanted to wear them with a crop top for a more risqué look I could do that too.

I made the obvious decision that risqué + crop top didn’t really equal church attire so I went for this sleeveless grey tank that I found at Macy’s. It’s a simple top. The pants were the focal point of the outfit so there was no need for anything other than a simple top to match. My shoes were also from TJ Maxx (I’m pretty sure).

Most importantly, shoutout to my mom for taking these pics! I had very little faith that she could pull off some good shots but you what the bible says…”ye of little faith…”






Honey Garlic Shrimp


So this is the first recipe I made on my own. Like I said, my cooking abilities go as far as being able to make a great bowl of cereal.

I found this recipe on Pinterest. I love love love Pinterest (Follow Me!)! I could easily pin for hours with no regrets. Anyway, I was in the mood for some shrimp and decided to go for it. With God on my side, the shrimp turned out really really delicious! This honey garlic shrimp recipe was easy to follow and didn’t take a lot of time to make. I paired it with white rice and string beans. The white rice was the Uncle Ben’s that cooks in the microwave for 60 seconds and the string beans were from the can. Nothing special there. I was too excited when I put this meal together. I called most of my family and told them that I was officially a chef. Hahaha

Normally, I will post photos but this time I didn’t take any so I am just going to show you the Pinterest photo. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.28.30 PM

If you want to try this meal, here is the link! I highly recommend :]

Graduation Party Attire


Dress: White | TJ Maxx

Shoes: White w/Studs | Payless

Hair: Overnight Braid Out 

Hey Hey! This is my first fashion blog post so here we go…

Last weekend I did a little celebrating with the family in lieu of me graduating college this past May. It was held outdoors at my cousin’s house and the temperatures reached up to the low 90s. It was HOT! Knowing this I decided to wear something simple and easy to move in. I found this a-line dress the day before and I love it first and foremost because it’s white. I love wearing all white. It’s just so clean and simple but eye-catching at the same time. I didn’t get to wear white for graduation so I was kind of making up for it now. Plus, Black people have a knack for looking amazing in all white. I also love that with white, you have so many options for makeup. Simple and natural or smokey and fierce. I decided to go simple.

Since this was a cookout I took a huge chance with wearing white (and yes I did spill a tad bit of BBQ sauce on it but it wasn’t noticeable #ThankGod). I paired my white dress with simple white sandals and gave my hair a little body by braiding it the night before and then taking it out the morning of, however, the weather made some of my waves fall :[ As for jewelry, I wore my pearls that I wear everyday. Pearls are my favorite because they are simple and go with everything. You’ll also begin to notice that I wear minimal jewelry, if any at all.

Check out my photos!




So there is a hashtag trending on social media called #blacksalonproblems and I encourage you to check it out because it is really a good laugh! My childhood and all of the crazy salon experiences I’ve had in my life are really flashing before my eyes. And if you have never been to a black salon, now you can experience it through memes!