My Desert Dry Hair

Hi Everyone!

So I want to talk about one of the many common topics amongst the black hair community. DRY HAIR! UGH! I hate when I run my fingers through my hair and feel how dry and brittle it is. Dry hair, as you all may know, can lead to breakage and split ends, which is not cute. In the past, I’ve read an article about the correct way to moisturize your hair.

1.You start with any kind of oil (olive, coconut, argan, etc.) Most of the time, I use argan oil by One N’ Only. Their Moroccan argan oil is DEEEE-VINE! It smells heavenly and you only need a small amount. I highly recommend!

2. Then you lock in the moisture with a hair lotion. I always use Olive Oil’s Moisturizing Hair Lotion.

If you are a Naturalista, repeat this process in sections at night. Then you can twist, bantu knot, braid, or do whatever you do before bed.

If you are a Relaxed Hair Gawd (RHG), then you can go about this process in larger sections. (When I’m really tired I don’t even bother to part it)

I have been doing this process for a little while now but CONSISTENCY is key!


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